Our strength

Vision & Mission

To be in the business of improving the health
of the people, through research, development, manufacturing & marketing of safe and effective pharmaceutical products of sustainable quality, caring for our people and creating reasonable and sustainable wealth for shareholders.

Our Strength

The biggest strength the company has is that it was established specifically in response to the commercial climate in which it is found. We have a team of people in place who have the qualities and the commitment required to make our vision a reality.

Our Core Value

We conduct our business to the highest professional standards. We continue to improve all aspects of our business to ensure its long-term viability. We promote good working relationships between the company, its employees, and communities in which we operate


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Due to diligence, dedication, commitment to excellence of staff and management, and support from numerous customers nationwide, the company is ranked as...

Corporate Social Responsibility

It is our understanding that through our business we make a worthwhile contribution to the society by introducing new and advanced medicines...

Environmental Protection

At Michelle Laboratories Limited, our environmental scientist work very hard to ensure that our company operates within the confine...

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MICHELLE LABORATORIES LIMITED is a private company, limited by shares under the Federal Republic of Nigeria Company Act of 1968. The company started its operations on 2nd day of July 1979, as evidenced on… [Read More]
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